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Tink's magical world of randomness

*~+_IM in the business of Misery_+~*



March 30th, 2009

Dear Lord.
Okay so Im terribly bored. Its getting to the point at uni where work is EVERYWHERE!!

Usually, the sad little fangirl that I am, would turn to Tokio Hotel at this time. NO! I no longer seem interested. Now OK I havent had internet working at uni for a while so I have had no time to check LJ so I am out of touch with news, but there is no news to be in touch with and I have to admit that sadly its kinda depressing me. *le sigh*

Although I did just have my itunes on shuffle and skipped many TH songs including Spring Nicht, which is a cordinal SIN in my books, I did just leave Der Letzte Tag (2006) on and thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that it inspired me to get back in touch with a lot of my LJ friends who I havent seen/spoke to/been in access of for a while, so HI GUYS!, but seriously I need some news, songs, demos, ALBUM, concerts that I can get excited over even though I cant go, Videos that I cant watched because youtube has changed its policy, this is my one request in life God, appart from taking away all this planning and... OMG... I havr to teach 20 kids 3 whole lessons on my own after easter.... but appart from making all the work and planning go away please BRING TOKIO HOTEL BACK! :(:( Im getting rather upset not waking up to some scandelous pictures/manips that are ridiculous but the craziness of this fandom that catches on me whenever something little happens within this fandom is what I miss... bring it back :((


p.s. if you cant answer my prayers... someone?? xx

May 8th, 2008

How many pair of shoes do you have? Out of those pairs, how many do you wear more than a few times a year?

53 pairs of shoes... I wear... 6 pairs all year round?! =/ o dear thats pretty bad... I do have a show addiction though

=D what girl doesnt?!

November 7th, 2007


Hey everyone!

Maybe this was posted a while back and I have missed it or scanned over it like I usually do .. coz Im ditzy but could anyone reply to this and give the the release dates for the An Deiner Seite single in Germany?

Does annyone know if I can get this on import because I live in the UK and I want all three copies of it sooooooooooooo badly!!!

Also does anyone know when the Zimmer 483 Live Tour DVD is released? I reeeeeaaaaalllllyy want that too!!! XD

Anyways I would love you forever if you could reply to this/ comment this and let me know so I can bug my mum to lend me her card to buy them!! XD


October 2nd, 2007

Im onnnnnnn iiiitttt!!!


The fan mosaik!! Im on it!!! wooop!!!! Horizontal poster 6 in from the Left and 13 up!! woo!!

=D Now to persuade someone to let me lend some money from their card.... thats gona be harder than finding myself on the poster!!



September 19th, 2007

Gooooooood Morning!!


Hey everyone so Im in my tutor lesson at the moment trying to sort out universities... and to be honest Im not doing too well because live journal has distracted me so I guess I give up. *sighs* Im also on gmail and have been sta here for the past 15 minutes thinking why no body is on... I have just realised that Helen is at work and my friends are all at college... duhhh me *is ashamed at the dumbness!!*

Anyways just thought id post something random for yall to read haha



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